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Rimming @ 2:13.  Because Germans.  Conny joins the party at 10:30 and they give her a reverse cowgirl DP @ 11:50.  Cowgirl DP @ 13:50.  Don’t miss the friendly fire cumshot during the DP at 15:10.  It looks like all the cum helped inspire his buddy down below in the anchor position to blow his load as well.  Fuck yes!

Link for mobile.



Jacki Love Sensory overload I (Kinky 5some) This video for me is just super sensory overload and it was wonderful! Only watching it back do I realize how many hot sexy things were going on! Lips all over me kissing and sucking. Got PoohBear, Yohann, and Stryder to start off with, then about a few minutes in, Billy Jenkins calls me and my camera guy hands me the phone! It is funny, trying to have a phone conversation while you are ramping up for a multiple orgasm! Yohann orders Stryder to keep sucking my clit while I’m talking. (EVIL) ;). Billy Jenkins wasn’t scared, he just walked faster to get to my room! So there lots of fucking and creampies, and guys eating sloppy seconds. Some really hot parts where I’m getting eaten out and fucked and creamed at the same time. These guys didnt mind getting some hairy balls on their face as long as I was getting off. WHICH IS HOW I LIKE IT! I have short smoke break (Fetish Alert) and Yohann eats me out during that too, until my clit makes me scream “STOP” only can cum so many times in so many minutes. I was pretty much passed out by the end of this video. I’m totally casting for lots of guys that will do this to me again soon! Thanks for all the support, and fan mail ideas! Buy Now

fuckyeahfriendlyfire does a guy’s balls touching another guys forehead while he eats me out count as friendly fire? :)

Does it count as friendly fire?  Technically not, however it’s definitely some really hot incidental touching.  Additionally, let me say that this video is hands-down not only one of Jacki Love’s hottest to date, but probably one of the hottest amateur gangbang scenes I’ve ever watched.  From the male camaraderie, to the AMAZING fucklicking, to the I-can’t-believe-it creampie felching… this is a must watch!

Hi Trey. Love the site, my favourite for a good old Tommy tank. Would you say that woman tend to hold back when it comes to bringing in another male for a bit of 3-sum fun? It's only taken me 6 and a half years for my gf to agree. Thanks to you we are having our first one this weekend, and she can't wait to have two cocks in her pussy. Luckily I've had the pleasure of doing it before. But hey, I'm looking forward to it. Keep up the good work. Tom, England x

First of all, congratulations, brother!  I know this is a really exciting time, and I want you to revel in it.  I don’t know about the “average” woman, because I tend to think the women I play with are either very open-minded, or they’re already in the swinger lifestyle and this kind of activity is no big deal. 

It may be true that women are slower than men to consider bringing a third into the bedroom, I don’t know.  Or it may just be a function of society’s stupid ass pressure on women to be monogamous home makers.  Or maybe women just need their man to help them feel secure enough in the relationship to consider group play.  But either way, who cares, because you’re going to be double stuffing your wife’s pussy with a buddy this weekend and fulfilling all your wildest fantasies. Lucky you!  ;)

22 April 3 Anonymous Permalink
Hey there. Great blog, love the material you share and really appreciate the time and effort you must put into running it. Great job! :) I'm wondering if you can point me in the right direction. I'm looking for a video of a woman rubbing 2 big cocks together, not sucking them, just rubbing them and watching the guys get off to it. Do you know of any videos like this? Thanks :) x

Dude.  I literally *JUST* answered this same exact question this morning.  Never realized how many guys were into this sort of thing.  Understandably so.

22 April 1 Anonymous Permalink
I'm not going to ask where your vid is for two reasons: 1) you would have posted it if it's done. And 2) no one likes being asked when they've addressed it multiple times. What I would like to ask is what would it cost to get your editor to finish the job within a timely manner? Maybe your fans will donate? 1K should suffice for an amateur edit. Why don't you find out, give the person a week to do it and if he can't do it ask for the raw material and source out someone that is fappier to do it?

I finally did hear back from the guy who filmed and is editing for us.  Turns out he had a family emergency out of state.  As far as fans of this site donating… HA!  Last time I tried that (in order to raise funds to purchase my domain name), it ended up being a big waste of time, and I had people being bitchy about the fact that I asked.  Never mind how much time and effort I put into the blog, but I digress…

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Incredibly hot amateur double vaginal creampie friendly fire.  Worth the 3.5 minutes of your attention and wacking.  Trust me.  I think for my next 3-way, I’ll make this happen.


Wow, what a good wife taking a double load.




this is so hot, great view and it must be driving her insane

Ti’s is what we did last week,…. Great time we had and when we were done my pussy was compleet clean!!Good boy my men!!

I can’t get enough of fucklicking.



this is so hot, great view and it must be driving her insane

Ti’s is what we did last week,…. Great time we had and when we were done my pussy was compleet clean!!
Good boy my men!!

I can’t get enough of fucklicking.

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Source: equallydeep-inyoureyes

The posting of this gif lead to the discovery of this hot DP vid.  Scott and Danny make the perfect tag team for her holes.  Dual fingerbang at 4:00 and 4:50.  Hot.  Their huge dicks pop into the scene at 5:20.  Oh, this is gonna be good.  They anally spit roast her a bit before we finally get the hot reverse cowgirl DP @ 21:30.  FUCK, that’s a great DP!  She takes those two big cocks with ease!  They switch it up to cowgirl DP @ 24:20.  Overall hot scene!

Link for mobile.

Source: 21stcenturyslut

Pegging and Rimming.

Source: stebdot2633

Like mature ladies?  Then take a look at this amateur video of somebody’s kinky ass granny taking loads to the face and double sucking cock.  The fun angle begins at 3:38.  Look at nana go!  She takes cock to her pussy at 6:40 before another guy joins in on the fun at 8:19 for a hot double blowie and jousting session.

Link for mobile.


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