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Titof fucks Ceclia and in the latter half of the vid at 19:20, he even takes a rimjob and a FISTING from her.  Pretty unbelievable, though not for the faint of heart!  He cums, she licks it up and swaps his own cum with him.  Titof has been open about his bisexuality in the past.

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Personally, I can’t really skip a Ramon Nomar film.  Boy is a STUD.  And in this one, he’s also a perv, watching other people fuck.  But it’s the cum kiss at the very end that is the standout here for me.  He’s kinky, too!

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God bless America.  Or wherever the fuck this shit was made.  Fans of interracial black-on-white gangbangs will be MOST pleased after watching this shit right here.  This shit, which could by many accounts be considered borderline bi (i.e. amazing).  You know how I love finding vids where black men push boundaries, since it seems to be so rare.  Watch the finger proximity @ 10:05.  Double blowjob @ 12:00.  And can we talk about 12:50 please?!  Such a hot double BJ, not to mention the incidental touching.

Pay close attention to the 13:38 mark.  See this guy holding back his buddy’s leg!?!?  Didn’t expect that shit!  A bunch of hot spit roasting follows.  At 22:22 you’ll see a hot cowgirl DP.  And don’t miss the submissionary position @ 28:53.  The DP that starts at 29:50 is just perfection.  OH!  And the one at 32:20.  Love the position at 34:30.  This little white chick is eating black man ass at 40:55. 

Holy fuck @ the lucky hand action at 44:17.  Goddamn!  Dual fingerbang @ 44:47.  Cum happens at 56:08 and then the guy gives her a CUM KISS!  Is this real life!?!?!  It’s an all-out cum fest after that.  Enjoy!

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David Perry fucks her in a vinyard, cums in her mouth, and gives her one of the greatest cum kisses of all time.

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Ramon Nomar licks up his own cum and kisses her with a mouth full of cum.  WHAT!?!  THAT happened.  You’re welcome.

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You know I love my Germans.  And this series specifically.  Things get very interesting early on, when at 2:30, a guy leans in and gives her a cum kiss… with another man’s cum.  You know… no big deal.  Great jousting and double BJ action follows.  Helpin’ a buddy out by spreading her ass open at ~3:30. 

Little bit of a sloppy seconds blowjob @ ~7:47, followed by some nice triple blowjob sucking and jousting.  Cowgirl DP @ ~9:30.  Near miss cumshot @ 10:36, followed immediately by another.  Honestly, those might even be FF, but too close to call.  Cummy cock jousting @ 11:34.  I’m gonna need to obtain the full version of this shit.  So fucking hot.

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Almost TWO years ago, I posted this AMAZING fantasy felching compilation here on FY!FF.  And then it got taken down from the interwebz.  I just stumbled back on to it, re-uploaded and just had to re-post it for all you new kinky bastards that have followed the blog since I originally posted this.  I’m so stoked it’s back!  Previously when I posted this, my post said:


More fantasy-type compilations like this need to be made.  Do you know of any others?  Let me know!

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Sasha and Danny finally get busy around the 7:00 mark.  And Danny gives it to her decently nice and rough.  Just look at how he fucks her face right after.  NICE.  He fucks her good and then she rims his asshole @ 16:55.  FUCK YES.  Love how we see her playing rough back at ~18:50.  This kind of sex is always the hottest.  He blows his wad @ 31:20 and the immediately proceeds to cum kiss her.  Then they go snowballing.  Kinky son of a bitch!

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I just posted another video with this incredibly hot young amateur couple, and here they are again on their webcam in this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature.  This time, not only is there audio, but the big dicked, ripped stud takes a strapon up the ass!  LIKE A BOSS.  Just watch around the 7:00 mark.  And his moaning about a minute later… you can tell he loves it!

I mean… fuck.  Around the 10:00 mark.  This guy can’t get enough.  Who can blame him?  Take it like a man, bro.  10:30… look at how spread open he is.  He’s begging for it!  This is why amateur porn is so fucking HOT!  And @ 15:00… fuck.  YESSSSSS.  He cums in her mouth after 22:45 and then gives her a hot cum kiss @ 23:00.  SO. damn. SEXY!

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Cum sharing between men and women.  In other words… snowballing.

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She gives all three men cum kisses at the end.  Fucking HOT!

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You guys know how much I love these Germans.  Don’t miss a guy swapping a good cum kiss filled with at least two other guys’ loads at the :47 mark.  Lots of hot cummy fun follows.  The uncut cock on the right at 7:24 was totally trying to take a FF blast.  No matter, he gets a little sloppy seconds BJ action.  A nice triple BJ follows.  Cowgirl DP @ 9:32.  Near miss cumshot at 10:37.

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Outdoor redneck orgy.  Some of the guys either felch cum out of a pussy or give a girl a cum kiss at the end.  LOL moment when the cum kisser makes a comment about how he’s now gonna get solicitations from gay porn sites now at about the 4:12 mark.

Cuck hubby eats other men’s cum off wife’s tits ‘n lips.  Hot!

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This German gangbang is filled with sloppy second sucking, creampie fucking where the other guys’ cum is actually getting fucked  back out of her pussy, and a phenomenal cum kiss at 14:40…another guy actually pulls the kisser away (I think he’s jealous).  Fucking HOTTTT!  Get ready to blow a major load to this one!

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