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Fuck yeah!  Friendly fire!  Moaning and laughing.  Nice.  How the fuck do these guys time the cum blasts so perfectly?  Impressive.

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Scorching video.  That dick in the first scene is abnormally fat.  Jousting in the midding of a triple BJ at 6:27.  3way joustfest at 6:57.  These guys like touching cockheads.  Finger proximity @ 12:45.  More jousting at 16:30.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 17:20.  Air-tight seal @ 21:05.  Throbbing cock creampie begins around 26:15.

Scene two is really hot as well, ending in some hot cumshots.  Scene 3 opens up around 52:20 and as it begins we see two men in the background watching the action.  Watch as Giorgio strokes in the background.  Don’t miss the incredibly hot double barrel blowjob at 55:45.  How the FUCK did she even fit THAT much of that fat one in her mouth!?  Watch her joust John and Giorgio’s dicks @ 56:15.

Sidesaddle DP @ 61:30.  And 61:57.  Fuck yes.  Doggy style DP @ 63:30.  You cum yet?  You’re getting close.  Oh wait… double vaginal attempt at 65:35.  You’re getting closer.  The final scene kicks off at ~70:00.  We’re finally treated to the double vaginal penetration we deserve at 78:00.  And at 82:15.  And before the thing can end, they throw in a fucking TRIPLE PENETRATION as well.  BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE!  Just as you think it’s over, this incredible scene ends in a clear friendly fire cumshot!  FUCK YEAH!

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Direct hit!  Fuck yeah!

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This scene was previously posted on the blog, and has since been deleted from its host, so I have to re-share.  It’s a vintage FF scene featuring porn legend Rocco Siffredi, and you may have seen a version in a previously posted compilation.

Some jousting kicks off during the double BJ @ :37.  Don’t ya just love the horrible dubbing?  And the interesting soundtrack?  The boys give her a reverse cowgirl DP @ 4:30.  More jousting @ 6:26.  Did you catch Rocco’s buddy with his hand on his shoulder @ ~7:40?  Bromance.  Next, enjoy some REALLY fucking hot cumshots and AMAZING friendly fire in beautiful slow motion.  Str8 to the Hall of FFame for those cumshots alone.

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Pretty sure this is already on the site somewhere, maybe in a compilation or full film I’ve posted, but fuck it… this EPICCCCCC friendly fire cumshot vid is all about the animalistic YELLS and moans coming from the men as they cum.  And it deserves a re-blog forever and always.  FUUUUUUCK YES!

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Dual cum sprayin’ everywhere followed by some hot post-cum jousting!  I have got to see this full scene!

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***ROUGH WARNING***  Face fucking @ 2:04.  Doggy style DP @ 11:35.  Again @ 12:35.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 13:33.  Double anal (attempt) @ 15:20.  They face fuck her some more, there’s a little foot/toe play, and at the end, you’ll see a friendly fire cumshot.  Fuck yeah!  And watch the cum play at the very end.  Kinky!

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One of the hottest videos I’ve seen in a while.  Instant Hall of FFamer.  Not one to be missed.  As this incredible scene opens up in the middle of a reverse cowgirl DP, it won’t take you long to figure out why.  But here’s the Cliff’s Notes version: just about every single fucking kinky DP position you can think of.  Let us begin…

Cradle DP @ 4:08.  Double anal @ 5:35.  And 6:30.  Sidesaddle DP @ 7:35.  More DA @ 9:00.  Doggy style DP @ 10:25.  Giorgio and Omar always do that back-and-forth fuck move at 11:30.  They give her a missionary double vaginal fuck at 12:18.  It’s almost like they got together before the scene started and planned to do all these homoerotic DP positions.  Incidental touch @ 12:50. 

And speaking of homoerotic DP positions… holy fuck @ 13:15!  The rarely seen reverse double piledriver!  This one also looks like DV.  We even get a fucking tandem double piledriver @ 14:52!!!  You can tell that Giorgio grabs Omar’s backside during it, too.  BUT WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE FRIENDLY FIRE CUM @ 17:45.  And then Omar fucks her again post cumshot!  Giorgio, down below, only seems to become more energized after taking his buddy’s load to the gut.

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Reverse interracial fans are gonna love this vintage gem.  Watch at the 8:00 mark as Christoph’s nuts practically rest on Frank’s head while he straddles it.  Cowgirl DP @ 9:00.  There is definitely some nut slappage going on here.  At 10:15, Christoph welcomes Yves to the party with a hardon and everything.  No big deal.

The proximity at 11:30.  Don’t miss the moment of bromance at 12:19 where we see Christoph and Frank with hands on each other’s shoulders as they receive a double blowjob.  Bros.  Friendly fire @ 13:30.  Naturally.

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Peter North’s cumshots are legendary in porn.  He might be the first big-dicked porn stud who became a household name.  Notice I said STUD, implying good looks.  So all you Ron Jeremy fans kindly take a seat.  :p  I remember exactly how I learned about Peter North in the late 90s; I might have been in 8th or 9th grade.  I was watching the Howard Stern show and some guy called in asking how he could get a big cock like Peter North’s.  Needless to say, I was impressed to discover not only how big he was, but how huge his cum loads are.  To this day, they’re some of the consistently largest in porn.

I find the proximity between Peter’s face and his buddy’s cock @ 1:53 to be quite homoerotic.  The spit roast that follows is hot, and catch the lucky hand @ 7:50, immediately followed by a cowgirl DP.  Pay close attention to the 9:27 mark as Peter completely soaks his buddy in several ropes of EPIIIIIIIIC FRIENDLY FIRE CUM!  Rewind that fuckin’ shit!  That was impressive enough to make it to the Hall of FFame.  Fuck YES!

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If you’re like me, you might be annoyed with the fact that it takes an entire 8 minutes, 40 seconds before any cock appears in this scene.  C’mon, let’s get to it!  But don’t worry, you’ll be glad you stayed around for this one.  I just love to hear dirty talk in a British accent.  Like at 19:31 when Ben says behind camera for the guys to “stick two cocks in her pussy.  Bet you’ve never that before, have you slut?” and they give her an incredible double vaginal fuck.  Look at that ball slapping, too.  Don’t miss the insanely epic FRIENDLY FIRE CUMSHOT @ 21:37.  FUCK YEAH!

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The only reason to watch this video is for the kinky friendly fire cumshot @ 67:10.  She even sucks both cocks with a mouthful of cum afterwards.

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Hot full-length vintage flick starring horse-hung porn legend John Holmes.  The scene that kicks off around 42:00 ends with a couple of hot friendly fire cumshots at 50:08 and 51:10.    Fuck yeah!  If you watch the rest of this film, you’ll get an idea of just how sexually free the 1970s and 80s were.  All-out no holds barred debaucherous, raw group sex.  *Le sigh*

Side note: Sexual liberation can have its price.  Rumor has it that this is the film Holmes did despite having been recently diagnosed with HIV.  None of his co-stars knew. 

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This is seriously fucking hot.  Demetri and Jean make a great team for doubling up on this hot blonde.  Watch how close Jean’s cock comes to Demetri’s head at 12:15.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 13:45.  Demetri’s nuts are definitely making contact with Jean’s cock at 15:35.  At the 15:52 you’ll see Demetri take a friendly fire cumshot just above his wrist and then he makes her lick it off.  There’s some cum from Jean up near Demetri’s left hip as well.  Hot fucking shit.

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Holy fuck at the amazing friendly fire cumshots @ 2:50 (watch the repeat) and 8:25 (again… the repeat).  God, I love this series.  I need to see this whole scene.

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