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Little bit of helping hand, little bit of double barrel blowjob, no big deal.

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14:38     Finger proximity followed by a hot cunnilingus scene.
15:57     HOLY FUCK PROXIMITY; that looked like a finger-to-cock incidental touch to me.
17:38     HOLY FUCK PROXIMITY.  Again… did his finger touch that guy’s cock?
18:13     short jousting scene.

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"Let me give you a hand here, buddy. Hope you don’t mind."
"Mind? Hell, no! Don’t let go!"

All true friends are cool with a little helping hand every now and then.  What’s the big deal?


"Let me give you a hand here, buddy. Hope you don’t mind."

"Mind? Hell, no! Don’t let go!"

All true friends are cool with a little helping hand every now and then.  What’s the big deal?

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I receive what feels like 5 messages per week from people (possibly the same person) wanting more helping hand videos.  As if there’s a spot on the internet to which I go and type in “helping hand videos, please!” and POOF they show up on the blog.  In fact, all the videos here on FY!FF are hand-selected by me to be featured, though the more specific niche videos tend to just fall in my lap randomly.  All that to say there’s a very purposeful, blatant and great helping hand very early on in this scene that you’re going to want to see. 

And it’s German, so you KNOW there’s some good kink in this.  Like the out-of-nowhere female-on-male ass fingering at 27:40.  Not gonna lie, this kind of shit feels SO damn good!  German men clearly know what’s up.  But the part of this video that you’re REALLY going to want to pay attention starts just after the 31:00 mark.  Keep your eyes peeled for that incredible guy on guy grabbing of the dick (aka helping hand) at 31:16.  Notice that guy totally just walks up to Markus, grabs his dick and they both have a nice laugh about it.  Only in Europe, people.

Later on at about 32:52, Ronny (of GGG fame) gets his fingers extremely close to Markus’ dick; it almost looked like he touched it!  Then they spit roast her.  More girl on guy prostate stimulation just after 37:00.  He is fucking loving that shit.  This is a really hot group scene.  I need to get my black ass to Germany, dammit.  Finally… cowgirl DP @ 56:45.  Don’t miss the incidental frottage at 57:56.  The first cum flies at 66:45; love how they all cheer.  More DP @ 71:15.

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You already know I love the French.  This Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature only reaffirms that love even more.  I skip the beginning of this, though, and go straight to the gangbang at 13:40.  And pay particular attention at 29:40 for an extremely hot wishbone DP.  And again at 30:33.  Nice, big French cocks.

Cowgirl DP @ 32:33.  Did you catch the helping hand @ 33:00?   Circle suck @ 34:20.  Near miss cumshot @ 36:15.

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I’ve shared this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature with you guys recently, but the quality was so horrible, I had to track down a good quality version for you.  So here it is, and it’s even longer than the original shitty quality one I posted!  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 9:50.  Love how the camera is plenty zoomed out for a complete view of the action.  Don’t miss the bromance at about 12:05, as Steve gets another man’s cock shoved in his face.  They laugh it off.  An air-tight seal follows.

At 14:24 Steve’s balls rub against Franco’s head! Hell, it almost looks like Franco is about to lick Steve’s nuts.  I wouldn’t put it past him.  Next up is some nice cradle DP action.  If I knew this was the kind of action that went on in a biker gang, I would’ve signed up a long time ago!  Don’t miss the helping hand at 32:12 as one of the guys puts the other guy’s cock in her ass!  So simple and subtle, yet so fucking hot!  They all cum in her mouth.

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Pretty sure this is already on the site somewhere in the archive, but fuck it… Here’s a kinky amateur creampie gangbang involving a group of black guys fucking sloppy seconds pussy.  Hot double blowjob at 3:40.  Love how verbal the guys are.  The first sloppy seconds fucking begins at about 5:20.  “Did you feel him cum inside you, baby?”  More sloppy seconds at 6:30.  Yeah this shit is getting hot.  “Suck his cock, baby, suck his cock.”  This hubby is really getting into this.

Don’t miss the incredible missionary DP @ 7:00.  The guys in the background have a good time roasting the guys doing this homoerotic DP position.  Look at ALL THAT CUM @ 8:33.  There’s a brief lucky hand @ 12:27 you might miss if you blink, and immediately after at 11:30 a guy cums in her pussy while another guy’s hung dick is resting against his left leg while he’s fucking her, his dick covered in cum.  The other guy then rubs her pussy while she’s getting fucked, then reaches down and pushes against the guy fucking her, pushing him away at his crotch.  So hot and kinky and rare to see this happen in black porn.  Hot!!!!!

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David, Jean-Pierre and Robert apparently play porno Power Rangers in this interesting scene.  WTF is up with the lightning bolt?  LMAO!  Moving right along…  Check out that extremely hot finger proximity @ 3:53 right before a cowgirl DP.  Totally fucking hot.  Jean-Pierre fills her asshole with cum after about 10:30,  After that, Robert and David blow their loads in her mouth and UNBELIEVABLY, at the 12:08 mark, Jean-Pierre plays with the cum in her mouth AND removes cum from David’s cock head with his finger, feeding it to her.  Out of this fucking WORLD!

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Helping hand.

Helping hand.

Here’s the latest from my buddy Kyle’s BlowBang Sluts series.  And per usual, this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature is chock-full of great action and Kyle’s signature verbal bromance style.  As the scene opens, you see we’re treated to a very verbal double blowjob.  She begs to put both their dicks in her mouth @ 2:40 for some jousting.

Kyle and his cock enter the frame at 3:45.  Black and white cock jousting @ 4:45.  Even more jousting and 6:03.  Laela loves two in her mouth.  Like at 11:34.  The guys get into the king of clubs position for a hot double blowie at 12:12.  Something tells me Kyle arranged this as a nod to FY!FF.  :-)  Good lookin’ out, buddy!  Even I was surprised to see the black guy cum at 15:25 and then see Laela  slurp up his cum and spit it out onto Kyle’s cock for an incredible sloppy seconds blowjob!

Did you catch that little bit of helping hand @ 16:03?  Nice.  Then the guys joust cocks even more.  At the 22:58 mark, Kyle shoots a bit of friendly fire cum onto his buddy.  Good lookin’ out, Kyle!  :-)  FUCK YEAH!

Kyle’s been great and pays attention to what you guys who follow Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire like to see in your porn, to continue bringing us exclusive hot amateur smut.  Remember that he funds BlowBang Sluts all by himself out of his own pocket, so if you like what you’ve seen here, be sure to support his efforts.

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Who likes to see a slut used and then kicked out to the street?  Keep watching and get your cock out.  Lots of male bonding and bromance in this hot Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature.  These animals completely dominate and use her for their pleasure.  And she doesn’t really seem to mind.  Forced deepthroat at 5:52.  Love how that guy picks up his buddy’s hand and uses it to force her head down.  Did you catch that helping hand at 6:20?  No big deal.

She’s just going from cock to cock and servicing the men.  Great jousting at 9:42 during the double blowjob.  “Yeah two cocks, yeah.”  Face fucking @ 13:53.  Can’t get over how hot and verbal this is.  That’s a thick black dick.  More jousting at 17:20.  Nice.  The blowjob action beginning at 18:00 is great.  These guys are having a blast.  Dick slapping @ 18:50.  She takes the first cum at around 19:10.  At 20:30, they kick her ass out and then do a group huddle and bondfest.  Fuck yeah!

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Asian chick sucks two Asian dicks in the king of clubs position.  Nice double barrel BJ.  And don’t miss her forcing one of the guys to lend a helping hand on the other at about 9:10.

The first scene in this little French diddy features the work of the one and only William Le Bris.  Unlike most of his work, however, this scene is mighty boring.  I almost passed out.  Let’s face it… William shines when he has his bros around him.  Skip ahead to 29:00 for a hot gangbang scene.

Of particular note: the wishbone DP @ 41:30.  The white guy even gives the black guy a MAJOR helping hand in the process!  They attempt again around 42:30.  Interesting cum play & kissing @ 44:32.  Three men circle jerk and cum on her tits at 44:55.  Not really impressed with the subsequent scene.

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