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Are we designed to be sexual omnivores?

An idea permeates our modern view of relationships: that men and women have always paired off in sexually exclusive relationships. But before the dawn of agriculture, humans may actually have been quite promiscuous. Author Christopher Ryan walks us through the controversial evidence that human beings are sexual omnivores by nature, in hopes that a more nuanced understanding may put an end to discrimination, shame and the kind of unrealistic expectations that kill relationships.

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(Special thanks to shedontlikethatkindabehaviour for sharing this amazing presentation with me.  Everybody should read ‘Sex At Dawn.’)

Watch her joust their dicks together @ 1:35 & 2:20.

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Here’s some more reverse interracial for the others like me who love this shit.  And it’s featuring huge cock-wielding Mark Ashley, a porn stud sadly not seen enough here on FY!FF.  Watch as Simone services them both and jousting their cocks in a hot double blowjob starting early on at about  2:00.  More jousting at 4:10, and even more at 4:45 just before they kick off the spit roast.

Some anal and more spit roasting follows before they begin the light on dark cowgirl DP @ 17:18.  That’s hot.  She gets flipped into reverse cowgirl DP @ 18:30.  Both men spray their loads on her face around 20:20, and it looks like Marco overshoots a bit and sprays Mark’s monster with cum, but alas it’s only a near miss cumshot.  Hot as fuck finale, though, wouldn’t ya say?

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I will save you my thoughts about black porn stud Brian Pumper’s questionable sexuality so that you can enjoy this hot Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature starring him and stud Mr. Marcus as they bang Cindy’s brains out.  Check them out as they give her a double piledriver at 13:20.  Cowgirl DP follows a minute later.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 18:30.  Don’t miss the double vaginal @ 20:15.

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Retro double vag.  Incredible friendly fire cumshot @ 2:45.

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Omar and Tony double suck her giant knockers at 2:10.  At the 29:00 mark, they get into some really hot tandem fucking, with Tony fucking her tits, and Omar directly behind him in her pussy.  The cowgirl DP starts at 35:40, and thank God, because this thing is almost over and I was starting to get worried.

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Thanks to the submission of a FFollower of the site, it looks like I’ve stumbled on to a stash of very hot double blowie vids.  These look very very much like the nastymakeup videos, and I’m assuming that’s what they are.  Here’s one to get your juices flowing.  Like all of these videos, it starts off with a nice double blowjob with some jousting thrown in.

By the 5:35 mark, you’ll see the men joyously receiving a double barrel blowjob in the king of clubs position.  So fucking hot!  Those are a couple of nice, big uncut dicks.  Unverified friendly fire cumshot @ 14:45.  Enjoy!  More to cum…

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Friendly fire cumshot directly on cock head at 8:02.  FUCK YEAH!

The fellas act gay at 3:10, and then listen for what Dries has to say about his buddy’s cock at about 6:20. 

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I wasn’t even alive when this hot vintage film was made.  Which you know means there’s going to be some hot shit herein because most vintage shit was way hot, as they seem to have pushed way more boundaries back then.  Start watching at about 18:45 for a super hot MFM scene.  At 19:40 you’ll find David and George locked in the king of clubs position while Merle double sucks their cocks for an incredibly hot double barrel blowjob.

Can we talk about the view at 21:50, please?  Hot damn!  There’s also a hot gangbang scene that kicks off at ~42:30.  I kind of wish I was around for the old porn theater days.  Jousting blowjobs @ 48:35.  Hot triple BJ follows.  Nice cumshots complete the scene.

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Probably one of the hottest vids I’ve seen in a while.  So get ready for this new addition to the FY!FF Hall of FFameCowgirl DP begins at 8:07, and that’s all good until they up the ante at 9:45 with some incredible bareback double anal.  Listen to how they moan.  But that’s not even the best part.  Oh no.  Just give the 15:33 mark for a hot king of clubs double barrel blowjob.  The men stay in this position until they shoot ropes of cum.  They cum while in king of clubs.  Which is one of the most highly-requested acts I receive for this site.  You know that shit was hot.  #WINNING.

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Mick and George give Stacy a DP overload.  Reverse cowgirl DP @ 9:05.  Cowgirl DP @ 12:40.  Cradle DP @ 14:12.  Lots more DP follows leading up to her two facials.

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THIS. MOTHER. FUCKING. SHIT. RIGHT. HERE!!!  This Hall of FFamer is exactly the little hidden gem you look for in an FY!FF video post.  Just wait.  They finally start to get busy around the 10:00 mark.  Alex’s monster Italian sausage is exposed at 13:30, but it takes until almost 17:00 for them to spit roast Laura.  Looks boring as fuck, huh?  Ha… just keep stroking.  Have I ever let you down before?

Your brain won’t believe your eyes, but at the 25:58 mark, Alex literally turns around and straddles his buddy and sits bare-assed on the dude’s stomach so that they can get a fucking INSANE double barrel blowjob.  First time I saw this I blew a monster wad.  What the FUCK am I going to call THAT!?  Okay the rest of this thing kinda pale’s in comparison to that, so if you want to do like I did the first time and just keep rewinding it, that’s cool.  We’ll be here when you get back.

Where the fuck are these people right now?  Moving right along… she sucks and jousts two at 33:30.  Spit roasting, and then a nice reverse cowgirl DP follows.  Duncan Hines cakes at 37:32.  Great view at 38:48.  Surprise cum @ 41:25.  There’s a hot-as-fuck piledriver after that, and just before this mother fucker ends… there’s a god damn CUM KISS at 47:30.  I just can’t.  This was ace shit.  You iz kind, you iz smart, you iz welcome.

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If you have followed FY!FF for long enough, you might know that I kind of have a fascination with father/son porn stars Jay Huntington and Jerry Kovacs.  I don’t know, it just seems like the ultimate form of male bonding to me.  Strangely erotic, while definitely taboo by most people’s standards, the various versions of their same-scene work has continuously been a hit on the site.  Looks like I’m not the only one fascinated by this duo.  I mean, one can’t help but watch out of sheer curiosity!  I didn’t even know this Fuck Yeah! Friendly Fire Fappable Feature existed until a FFollwer of the blog sent it to me the other day.

You’re either going to be turned on and intrigued by the proximity between the two starting around 4:20, or you’ll be weirded out.  Their spit roasting of her is superb.  But I mean really… Jay’s face is practically on his son’s cock at 7:10 while Jerry is getting orally serviced… is that weird?  They spit roast the fuck out of this chick, with a highlight being the 14:55 mark.  You think Jay watches this proudly and thinks, “that’s my boy!”?

It’s eerie how much they look alike.  Jay calls for them to switch around 18:40, and immediately following, the guys are in a tandem position, Jay in her pussy and Jerry in her mouth.  How did this subject come up initially, do you think?  Did Jerry just wake up one day and say, “I want to be in porn like my dad!”?  Furthermore, one must wonder how he came to learn of his dad’s job in the first place.  Jay fucks her in a seductive reclined missionary position just before 20:00, while Jerry continues to be sucked.  Jay is the first to blow at 21:45.

When I uploaded this scene to xhamster, I titled it, “Could You Do This With Your Dad?"  The Powers That Be over at xhamster didn’t like that title, and renamed it accordingly, but alas my question remains… could you?

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